Nepeta: Wake Up


Equius joined her in loading the car as much as he could with food.

“How will you keep your car fueled up?” Equius inquired of his moirail after loading his own medical supplies into the car as well. How was he even going to fit? Ride on the top? He shook his head a little and waited for her answer. 

Nepeta looked from Equius to the ridiculous pink smart car and sighed. She was indeed running low on fuel. And she was getting sick of the smart car. It was time for a new one. 'I had fuel stored. And I'm still half full from the last time I filled up… But I think, with the two of us, it's time for a new car.' She shrugged, looking around the area for any kind of car without a roof.

It didn’t take long for her to find one; a yellow thing with a retractable roof. She started transferring the things in the smart car to it. When she got that finished, she pulled an empty gas container from the car, as well as a tube, and, feeding the tube into the smart car, she siphoned the gas into the container. Then, after checking the gas level in the yellow car, she stuck the rest in the back, and after getting in the front, smiled at Equius, placing the radio on the front console.

(Source: catnipepidemic)